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Professional Development for Your Organization

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Participants will...

  • Learn to deal with difficult clients or co-workers.

  • Find new ways to resolve conflicts.

  • Identify personal strengths or weaknesses.

  • Increase patience.

  • Learn to interpret intentions and body language.

  • Gain confidence under pressure.

  • Learn to discern between fear and aggression.

  • Learn to face aggression with a calm attitude.

  • Make positive decisions and stick to them.

  • Learn problem-solving skills.

  • Build better relationships.

  • Learn to lead from behind.

Team building for every field!

We offer professional development and staff enrichment services for businesses and community organizations that focus on effective communication, management, and leadership skills!

Why use horses?

Horses possess a level of discernment that escapes human perception. In the wild, horses intuitively must seek out ideal candidates to lead the herd, as the group’s survival depends on the integrity and strength of its leader. The same principle applies to a horse’s ability to recognize leadership qualities in humans. In leadership training, horses provide participants with insight into their own strengths and weaknesses. 


Fox Crossing Farm's new indoor arena and facilities are the perfect venue for team building and leadership seminars.  

How do we help you reach your PD goals?

FCF professional development seminars do not require participants to possess prerequisite skills or abilities. Instructors do not “teach” new concepts. All of the insights and learning experiences come directly from the interactions between the participants and their equine counterparts. All of the pairings between horses and participants are closely calculated for success through an introductory interview held just before the seminar exercises begin. Pricing is available for one-, two, or three-day seminars. An integrative multimedia experience may be available on request. Take what you have learned back to your organization. Options for specialized leadership trainings at your location are available!  

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