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Training and Riding Instruction

Horse Training and Horsemanship

We provide natural horsemanship-style training for all breeds of horses and their handlers/riders. A graduate of Kenny Harlow's Training with Trust certification program, Zeta has trained more than 2000 horses. Her unique training process creates soft, quiet horses under saddle and willing hunters over jumps. We encourage owners to be an active part of the training process. Zeta currently trains and shows nationally-ranked Gypsy Vanners for Kanes Kountry Gypsy Vanners in carriage driving, western pleasure, trail, hunter/over fences, halter, and showmanship. 

FCF training programs include the following options with weekend, two-week, and 30-day packages:

  • Halter and ground manners

  • Starting under saddle

  • Starting over fences

  • Problem horses

  • Trailer loading

  • Trail and obstacles

  • Show services

Grand Prix trainer, Abraham Pugh, has been a huge influence in Zeta's riding skills. She continues to improve her skills by attending clinics and seminars by upper level instructors. Zeta gives fearful or novice riders "tools" that they can use to maintain balance and control in the saddle. Her ability to create safe, effective riders is evident in the many students who have participated in her riding programs. 

FCF riding instruction includes the following options in half-hour and hour sessions for beginners to advanced riders:

  • Trail riding safety and effectiveness

  • Lower level dressage and riding on contact

  • Hunters/over fences and collection for impulsion

  • Beginning gaming--rider position

  • Overcoming fear for all ages and levels of riders

Riding Instruction

Call us or private message Zeta Furry on Facebook for availability and prices.

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