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Fox Crossing Farm offers

training and riding instruction

for all disciplines.


Western for the trail

Gaited horses



Carriage driving

Fox Crossing Farm provides the following services:

  • Individual and group instruction

  • Educational seminars

  • Riding clinics on-site or off-site

  • Showing/coaching

  • Trailer loading 

  • Professional development

About Us

Fox Crossing Farm is located in rural New Enterprise, Pennsylvania. Surrounded on all sides by the Allegheny Mountains, the farm is home to a herd of 11 horses, including our lesson horses, Julia, Winston, Big Mac, Apollo, Kahlua, Brandy, Waltz, and Flip. Our farm is a forever home to horses that work in FCF programs. Fox Crossing Farm's horses live as a family unit and remain in our care until they cross the "Rainbow Bridge."


The Story Behind Our Name

Since the 1920s, Furry's Orchard has been known for its bountiful crops of apples and cherries.  Over the years, the older fruit trees have been removed, and the land on which they stood was sown with hay and corn.  A few apple trees at the edge of our farm still grace the hill across the road from a small plot of wooded land. Just inside those woods is a well-hidden red fox den, where litters of baby foxes can still be heard yelping at certain times of the year. On occasion, mama foxes are seen crossing the road with dropped apples in their mouths, gathered from under the orchard's remaining trees.  That is how the farm has become known as Fox Crossing Farm.

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